Community Networker, LLC. was incorporated in the State of Florida on April 2010 and since then, it has become one of the fastest growing networking businesses in Miami Dade. Its objective is to help business owners connect and implement innovative strategies to grow their business. The company’s primary target market is Spanish speaking entrepreneurs, emerging small businesses, and mid-size businesses.

The corporation’s success is due to a strategic approach that targets all Hispanic business owners and entrepreneurs. One of its strengths is that it welcomes all nationalities and size of business.

Community Networker offers business-to-business alliances, educational seminars and workshops, expo /conferences and networking breakfasts, luncheon and cocktails to connect and support the community.

As a professional marketing and PR business, we understand the value of relationships and we constantly seek new links that will benefit our members. We connect our members and partners with new potential business to business opportunities and business to consumer relationships.


Today, Community Networker has reached more than 38,000 contacts, created more than 300 networking events with companies from over 8,000 different industries and partnerships with 28 chambers of commerce in South Florida. We are dedicated to help businesses grow and establish strategic alliances that will help them reach a global market.


  • Strategically connect business owners with great potential business opportunities
  • Implement innovative strategies to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level
  • Support brand’s growth within the Hispanic consumer markets
  • Provide training and professional consulting on marketing strategies solving identified needs


More than 300
Networking Events
Estimated cumulative audience of 39,000
Companies from 8,000 different industries
Partnerships with 28 chambers of commerce in South Florida



María Antonieta Hernández

President and CEO at Community Networker

For more than 16 years, María Antonieta Hernández has been a person of influence in South Florida, as she has promoted initiatives to bring together the Hispanic community under a business umbrella, and help other immigrants who have arrived in the United States in search of a better livelihood and in need of advice to set up a business and contribute in turn to the economy of the United States.

She was born in Caracas, and graduated from the Universidad del Zulia in Maracaibo, one of the most prestigious universities of Venezuela. She has always stood out as a self-determined fighter woman, with extensive experience in human relations, marketing, social media, global marketing and business consultancy.

At the moment, she is working on a book of her own on how networking can contribute to taking business to another level (Spanish title: El Poder del Networking para llevar los negocios a otro nivel). With this book, she expects to be able to pass her experience and knowledge on to future generations.

María Antonieta Hernández has played an important role within the Hispanic community of South Florida in building up alliances with businesspersons of different nationalities from Latin America, including from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where she also conducts activities on a regular basis.

For years, her active contribution to the social and economic development of the residents of South Florida has been remarkable. Her various endeavors include: entrepreneurial orientation, business expos and seminars, all of it in the spirit of educating those entrepreneurs to want to set up their own businesses or develop their ideas in the United States.

Her renowned leadership has had an enormous impact on different entities, including chambers of commerce and community centers. She also cooperates with non-profit organizations focused on helping the Hispanic community.

She is the founder and current president of Community Networker, a company that mobilizes every year more than 2,000 business owners and enterprises in expos and networking events, thus helping more than 500 emerging small, medium and large Hispanic entrepreneurs in South Florida develop connections when doing business, apart from offering them training courses and strategic tools to commit themselves to the local and global market, so that they can have a successful performance in the world of trade.

She also directs the Business & Community Networker Foundation, a non-profit institution of direct assistance to the Hispanic community, and the Asociación de Medios Hispanos USA, in an effort to bring together companies in the sector in Florida, and connect them with different entrepreneurial initiatives.

María Antonieta Hernández

Cell : 786.312.7675 | Office :786-629-7525


María Antonieta Hernández

Presidenta y CEO de Community Networker

Desde hace más de 16 años, María Antonieta Hernández se ha convertido en una persona de influencia en el sur de la Florida a través de la promoción de iniciativas para unir a la comunidad hispana en el marco empresarial y ayudando a otros inmigrantes que llegaron a Estados Unidos buscando una vida mejor y con una gran necesidad de orientación a la hora de empezar un negocio y contribuir con la economía en Estados Unidos.

Nacida en Caracas y graduada en la Universidad del Zulia en Maracaibo, una de las universidades más prestigiosas de Venezuela, se ha caracterizado por ser una mujer luchadora y determinada. Cuenta con una amplia experiencia en Relaciones Públicas, Marketing, Social Media, Global Marketing y Consultoría de Negocio.

Actualmente está trabajando en su propio libro titulado El Poder del Networking para llevar los negocios a otro nivel, en el cual transmitirá su experiencia y aprendizaje para generaciones futuras.

María Antonieta Hernández desempeña un papel importante dentro de la comunidad hispana en el sur de Florida en la construcción de alianzas con  empresarios provenientes de varias nacionalidades de Latinoamérica y directamente con Puerto Rico y República Dominicana, en donde también suele realizar actividades.

Durante años, su contribución activa al desarrollo social y económico de los que residen en el sur de Florida ha sido palpable. Sus diversas iniciativas incluyen: orientación empresarial, exposiciones de negocios y seminarios para educar a los empresarios que quieren abrir las puertas de su propio negocio o desarrollar sus ideas en los Estados Unidos.

Su reconocido liderazgo ha influido enormemente en diversas organizaciones, incluidas las cámaras de comercio y los centros comunitarios. Colabora con organizaciones sin fines de lucro dedicadas a ayudar a la comunidad hispana.

Es la fundadora y presidenta de Community Networker, empresa que mueve cada año a más de 2.000 empresarios en diversos eventos de exposición y networking ayudando así a más de 500 pequeños, medianos y grandes empresarios hispanos en el sur de la Florida a conectarse a la hora de hacer negocios, ofreciéndoles además talleres de capacitación y herramientas estratégicas para comprometerse con el mercado local y global, de modo que puedan tener un desempeño exitoso en el mundo comercial.

También dirige Business & Community Networker Foundation, institución sin fines de lucro para la ayuda directa a la comunidad hispana y Asociación de Medios Hispanos USA para unir a empresas del sector en La Florida y conectarlos con diversas iniciativas empresariales.

María Antonieta Hernández

Cell : 786.312.7675 | Office :786-629-7525


María José Haggen, VP

VP and Marketing Strategist at Community Networker

Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and finance and marketing graduate at Florida International University, María Haggen graduated Magna Cumlaude and has gained extensive knowledge in Marketing Strategies, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Email Marketing, Event Planning, Sales, and Financial Projections.

During her college years she worked full time and was was very involved in organizations such as The American Marketing Association (AMA), Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA), Student Government Association (SGA), Alternative Breaks (aB) and served in The City of Doral Youth Council. Today, Maria is 22 years old and serves as an Ambassador for Ford Motor Company Millennials and Constant Contact youngest marketing expert. Today, she brings Community Networker new perspectives, ideas and project innovations to share with the Hispanic community. Maria is devoted to Community Networker’s vision as she understands it’s importance of business education and networking. Community Networker has helped many small business owners connect with big opportunities and this is just the beginning.

María has been recognized as a leader of her generation and currently runs the Marketing and Operational Department of Community Networker.

Cell : 786.312.7675 | Office :786-629-7525