#ConnectateYProspera 2016, the largest networking event in Miami, was held this year at the InterContinental Doral Hotel, where Hispanic entrepreneurs gathered for a day to take advantage of all the activities planned to boost their business to another level.

Community Networker is grateful to the speakers and workshops for their remarkable participation and their great contribution to the Florida business community.

Successful Women

We have the participation of Annette Taddeo, CEO of LanguageSpeak; Graciela Boria, Vice President of The Wise Computer, Lourdes Aguirre, President of the Quorum Group of Companies and Director of Faith of the State of Florida; Lesly Simón, Vice President Alas Solidarias Foundation of Santa Bárbara Airlines and Aserca Airlines.

Credits and Mortgages

Participated Fabiana Estrada, Director of USA Action Loans for South Florida; Eduardo Padrón Vice-president of the residential and mortgage area Banco Mercantil; Eduardo Torres Registered representative of Foresters Financial.

Social Networks and its impact at the corporate level

With this theme participated Leopoldo Castillo, conductor of the television program El Ciudadano; Hernán Porras, CEO Web 24 and Juan José Nuñez, CEO of Vertical3 Media.

Trends In Consumer Marketing And Digital Engagement, A Millennial Perspective

Thanks to Ford Motor Company, we have specialists: Alejandro Hernández, Digital Marketing Manager of Navigant Marketing and Marketing Analyst (Contractor) of Amadeus North America, Oriana Chacón President of Tubermarketing and Daniela Cadena, Social Innovation & Economic Development at Florida International University.

Digital Marketing

This conference was attended by María José Haggen, SAP Marketing Executive, María Antonieta Hernández by Constant Contact; Sixcia Devine, Founder of Sixcia Business and Hispanic Market Online; María Parrales and Adrián Alonso representatives from T-Mobile.

Strategic planning

On this subject was the intervention of John Pritchett, Vice President of SCORE; Armando Arana, Coordinator of Coalitions for the State of Florida of The LIBRE Initiative; William Lozano, registered representative of National Planning Corporation and Carlos Zepeda, President / CEO of Organizational Management Advisors LLC.


Community Networker thanks the workshop members for their remarkable participation: Rabbi Dan Ben Avraham, who gave a workshop on professional ethics; Félix Hernández, Global Impact Team coach with the theme: How to undertake in the new economy; Marielba Avellan Consultant of Avellan Consulting and Professor of the Institute of Advanced Studies of Administration IESA with its workshop on “If you want a team of high performance to foment the conflict”; Fabiola Romero and Raul Forero from La Nueva 88.3 FM with his oratory workshop How to speak in public ?: Speech techniques, how to produce your advertising messages for Radio, TV and Social Networks; Lynda Fernandez, Vice President of Public Relations & International MIAMI Association of REALTORS, with her workshop on Real Estate, and Belkis Carrillo, Psychologist, couples therapist, hypnotist and Life Coach, with her workshop “How to Be a Good Couple” .

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Undoubtedly, it was a pleasant experience for the attending public and the invited businessmen who took advantage of knowing more about topics of interest for their businesses and their lives.

Thank you for being a part of Community Networker. We remain committed to supporting you in your consolidation process in South Florida. Share with us on our social networks and remember to tell us about your interests in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, networking and business strategy.